What Does Hore Mean?


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Hore is a woman tht has more then one man and does it wth a lot of men
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The word "hore" is rarely used in English language. In fact, it is the way the word "whore" is spelt in the Norwegian language. Many people are of the belief that the word "whore" originated from the old English hōre or the Middle English hore.

"Hore" or whore stands for a woman of illicit character, who has sexual relations for money or anything commanding a similar value. Such a woman can be immoral and sexual promiscuous. A person of this nature is believed to have sacrificed her principles for personal gains. Words like tart, prostitute, harlot, streetwalker, tart, courtesan, tramp etc are other synonyms of the word "hore". The word can also signify a submissive person who submits easily to aggressive behavior.

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