Is It Good Or Bad To Have A Foot Fetish?


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There's really nothing wrong with having a fetish in my opinion. You'll find that most people have their own personal turn-ons and, judging by the amount of 'foot fetish' material there is on the internet, I'd say having a penchant for feet is one of the most popular sexual fetishes out there. As long as you play it safe, I'd suggest there's nothing wrong with expressing your sexuality however you choose.

What is a foot fetish? Is having a foot fetish bad? describes a fetish as being 'any object or nongenital part of the body that causes a habitual erotic response or fixation'. In this regard, I can't see how having a foot fetish can impact negatively on your life, unless you take that 'habitual response or fixation' to extremes.

With regards to the sexual objectification of feet, it's easy to see why someone would find a well-formed pair attractive. Using feet to stimulate the erogenous zones is one practice that foot fetishists enjoy, usually as part of foreplay leading up to full sex. Often the scent of 'pheromones' produced by the sweat of feet plays a role in foot fetish.

Another sexual practice that involves the feet is known as 'trampling'. This is where one person walks over or 'tramples' on their partner. As well as the feel of someone's soles pressed against their body, it is possible that foot fetishists might derive pleasure from trampling as a form of 'power-play'. This concept is closely linked to something known as 'S&M'.

What is S&M?

The term 's&m' or 'sado-masochism' is used to describe a form of fetish where the practitioners derive sexual pleasure from either 'sadism' (pleasure gained from the infliction of pain or suffering) and 'masochism' (gratification gained from suffering pain or humiliation).

It is easy to see how this type of fetish would be taboo - the idea of gaining pleasure from pain may seem a little unsettling to those who don't practice it.

However, indulging in this kinky past-time can introduce an element of psychology and physical stimulus to your sex life that simply 'doing it missionary' doesn't provide.

Judging by the popularity of s&m literature like Venus in Furs, Justine, and the contemporary 'mommy-porn' craze Fifty Shades of Grey, I'd conclude that you're not alone in being interested in a 'sex life less ordinary'.
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I don't know whether you could say it is "good or bad" as that would be opinion based, but you can definitely rest assured that it is perfectly normal as noted by many psychologists and medical doctors.

I think as long as you are having fun and no one is getting hurt, then play with feet all you want! You just want to make sure it doesn't become an "addiction" and starts to affect your life in other ways that are negative.
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I would have to say that it is neither good nor bad to have a foot fetish, as long as you don't let it overwhelm you and be the driving force in your life.

Fetishes, as long as they are not hurting you or anyone else, are meant to be fun. So enjoy yourself, because I can assure you that you are not the only person in the world who likes nice feet. AND there are a whole lot more "different" things you could be into.
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It's fine so long as it doesn't dominate your life. If you enjoy it and you have a partner who is able to accommodate your tastes, then go for it!

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