My Daughter Is A Straight A Student, But I Caught Her Smoking Pot, What Should I Do?


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Listen man, I was a straight A student all through school. I did not start puffing the magic dragon until halfway through highschool.  I have two degrees and a third on its way. Pot is not the problem, the problems are the choices that are associated with the friends and peers she may have giving her access to it. Pot is great for people who do not want to be talked into doing things they normally wouldn't. That is one of its benefits in that you are least likely to follow the power of suggestion, so if sex or other harder drugs are in question, she will mostly want a twinky before she makes up her mind about something else.  You see, just because it is labeled as an illegal drug by our governments of the world does not mean it is useless, many learned people use it for arthritis, and other joint pain causing afflictions. Sure, you might want to talk to her about risks like cancer, lung disease, loss of short term memory while she is stoned or even long term side effects, but don't do it in an attack like manner. Try to be more understanding in that you really are concerned, as a parent and her father, but more like a friend would try to understand why she is making this choice. Hope that helps.  
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Great post there are several reasons people smoke. Doctors give it to people with canser and several other medical reason.!!!!!!!!!
heather hensley
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Great post there are several reasons people smoke. Doctors give it to people with canser and several other medical reason.!!!!!!!!!
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Finally. Someone with the right mindstate. Kudos to you.(:
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You caught her: That means she knows you saw her doing it? First, if
you've smoked pot before, consider the circumstances around your own
use. If not, read about it a little bit and inform your discussion. I don't know how old she is, but obviously she is making her own choices about recreational drug use. What's important, though, is that you have a discussion. If you ignore the situation and she knows you saw her, she will assume her behavior is okay. If you can have an open discussion about both of your opinions and her motives, it might help you understand a lot about what she is going through (many straight A students feel under a LOT of pressure). Best of luck.
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If she knows you know then you need to sit down with her and ask her why she is smoking it.  Maybe it is peer presure or with the stress from school is getting to her. The first step is to talk to her about why she is doing it? DOn't be to critical of the situation because if you are she may pull away from you and that will cause a big mess.  I know I went thought it with my oldest she's 18 now
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Be careful how you approach this problem could lead to your dgt not trusting you and fighting .Maybe just let her know that while she may feel in control of herself, others that she maybe hanging around may not and while it is not okay to do drugs some people do bad things they later regret while on drugs .so try and choose your friends wisely .Besides getting caught by your parents is one thing but getting caught by the police or school is another.This could lead to bigger problems and life is hard enough without these obstacles getting in the way.Some people believe pot is a gateway drug which may open  up the door to trying other drugs .Explain to her if she is a smart girl and gets good grades you trust her decisions but ask her to trust yours because you have lived longer and seen more.If she continues to insist on smoking pot , maybe suggest she and her friends work on making it legal therefore they will have to research it for themselves.Like look up data the pros and cons etc...  Also may want to explain it is an expensive habit and houses cost a lot of money If she continues to waste time and money on these things she should get use to the idea of living home forever and working a shitty job cause the good ones drug test
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Your daughter is probably incrementing on different things my son says if he got the chance he would have drugs just to try. Do not worry it is normal however I would talk to her to not let it go to far.
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First off, learn the facts about marijuana use among teens. You can use this as a learning experience, teach your daughter about the dangers and risks of using marijuana, the long term damage it can cause and so forth. Try to keep communication open with her so that in the future, she'll know she can come to you. But also be aware that she may not stop using just because you know, you should keep a close eye on her, and be aware of the signs that may point to continued use. If you catch her again, then it would be best to get her some help.
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Confront her immediately about the situation, and then explain to her all the dangers and risks of doing drugs especially pot. Tell her she may be a straight A student now but she won't be for long.
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It doesn't matter what grades she's getting in school,  she's still stupid.
She can really mess up her future going down the road she's on.  If  you just now caught her ......sounds like it 's been going on for a while.    Take her for a tour of the city jail and show her all the people in there on drug charges.  She's lucky you caught her and not the police.

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