What Is The Other Name Of Transgender In Pakistan And India? And What Are There Status In Society.


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In pakistan Transgenders are also reffered by the name "Hijra", while in india the transgenders are reffered by the name "Evening People" .In pakistan, mostly in big cities like Lahor and Karachi, you will see many transwomen, or more specifically the transgenders, here they are called by the name Hijras. But these are not change physically, they are basically transwomen. They just pretend to be a female, their physical body parts are not changed.

In India, the transgeders are named by the Evening people. They are also transwomen, but not physically, they have not done any changes to their body parts. They just dressed like a female and behave like female.

Well there is not any particular rights for the transgender or specifically for transwomen people. You will see many transwomen but there is not any transmen. There is a very seprate community of transgenders in the eastren society. They have not any respected status in the society. There life is bad then a dog, in west, dog will also have some respect but they are the most degraded person in the society.

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