Is It Good To Be Judgemental?


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Being judgemental is good in situations where you need to be opinionated, like in business or in situations where what you think matters. Its the situation that decides whether it is good to be judgemental or not. In case of a personal relationship, mutual trust and understanding should be there and people need not be judgemental. Being judgemental in personal relationships can lead you to be overly critical and hence harm the relationship. Judgemental people are appreciated to an extent because they are sure of themselves in a way and hold strong opinions. Judgemental in a critical sense is not generally healthy in relationships because it just scars the beauty of it all. Life is about letting go the little differences and accepting people as they are. Holding critical judgements will ruin the essence of life and spread hatred. So keep your ego aside, don't be judgemental if you care to work out things with people around you. Its a beautiful world out there, appreciate and nurture the beauty of people. Love, care and appreciate people, don't judge them, just love them selflessly.
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Everything is equally possible; it is just that it takes time and a lot of experience for any individual to know someone. When you meet someone you can only know about that person by face, you can never judge how that person could really be, but you can never make out how that person could be from inside or how his or her nature could be. But yes there are people who can and they do get to know the person on their very first encounter, or you can for when they are introduced.

In order to know how a person is, you need to watch that person very closely and this basically means that knowing the kind of friends they hang out with or have, their family background and more importantly the habits they possess. All these things describe how a person really is. It is very true that at time you do make mistakes in knowing someone. In such a case one should try and understand the other person and their basic ideas and desires. Knowing someone is a difficult task as there are different types of people in this world, some are good from outside while some are good from inside.

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