Is it good to be single?


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That depends on you! Some people enjoy being single, others like myself like to have that special someone to share things with and enjoy life with.

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Yes! Absolutely! Being single is a very fun thing, a companion is for the ones who have left the fun of singularity, you know being single is a lot of fun, and when you have a partner, you not only get happiness you get pain too so bro, enjoy the life of a single being!

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There are always good and bad things about everything so to simply answer your question, yes and no. So let's start out with the good.

What makes being single great? Well for one, being in a relationship takes work. You actually have to put effort into it and that can be really bothersome, tiring, and annoying, especially when you want to have some space and your significant other isn't giving you that space. There's not as many drama, you can look at a lot of situations more logically belief it or not without being clouded by infatuation, and you can indulge in the things that you want truly want to do. And if you're into this type of thing, you can hook up with anyone you want when you're single.

Then there are some things that aren't considered favorable when it comes to single life. That is for one you can get kinda jealous of all your friends who are having relationships and loving it. Another thing is that if you are married, your tax is lower than if you are single. Also being in a relationship brings you that giddy feeling that you can't get when you are single and it's kinda nice to have that feeling once in a while.

So it really depends on how you look at it. If you think that being single has less advantages than being in a relationship, then being single is great. If you think that relationships have more benefits, then being single isn't all that great. But there really isn't right or wrong to be single. Either one works and many people choose to be one or the other and end up living happy lives.

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Yes it's great!!!

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