Do you actually take the advice given on here when you ask for help with your problem or do you just weigh the pros and cons?


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Personally saying max , few answers helped me to take decisions . Well it did changed my life in away , everyone has there own perspective so think about pros and cons is just human , I guess
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YESS oh my god!!!! YES I DOO! I TAKE IT MAN!!! Anyways.. Well I don't really ask questions that are of help to me in any way, I just ask random questions really, but when I do ask questions that I need advice from of course I TAKE IT ON BOARD! I, unlike some people, do not ask questions for advice and waste my time. I ensure I take something from your answers always because although we are strangers and know nothing of each other, it's a beauty how one stranger and turn another's life around, or just even bring them comfort and make them feel happier. That's an amazing feeling isn't it? 8)
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Not usually!  I like to give others advice though.

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Sometimes. LOL. Just kidding. I do take the advice as long as it's not violent. One time someone told me to write their story and if it were a hit to say I wrote it, not them. I didn't take that advice because I don't take people's credit. It's not me.
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Yeah I take the advice x :)
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My facebook is Maxine Chan, City College of San Francisco is my school.
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My face book is Maxine Chan and the school I go to is City College of San Francisco.
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I will add u now xx

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