I have problems I can not attend the final test .. How do I get a medical excuse to re-test ؟?


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To re-test instead of taking a final test at the scheduled time, you'll need to see a doctor and get a note from him or her. This note will detail the medical reasons why you cannot currently attend an exam, and it will be based on a diagnosis that follows a medical exam.

The doctor will ask you questions and examine you to decide if your symptoms warrant a note excusing you from taking a test. Sometimes, stress or exhaustion may be reason enough to get a doctor's note; however, most of the time, you will need to be ill with a sickness that is sufficiently severe or contagious to make attending a test impossible.

• How to ask for a re-test

Once you have a doctor's note, it will be easier to ask for a re-test; however, if a doctor won't write you the note you need, you can still consider asking to take the test at another, more convenient time. Teachers are used to receiving these requests from students throughout the year, and, depending on your general school performance, attendance record, and attitude, your request may be approved or denied.

• Book an appointment for a chat

The best way to ask is to request a quick, private sit-down with your teacher, and tell the truth about why taking the test at the expected time will be problematic. In most cases, teachers will be sympathetic; however, your existing relationship with a teacher will affect his or her decision-making process.

It's important to be respectful and polite when talking to a teacher about missing an important test or exam. Even if you have a note, which excuses you for medical reasons, you must still be on your best behavior when you present the note to your teacher or professor. Always bear in mind that your re-scheduling causes the teacher problems, since they must set aside time to re-test you, apart from the rest of the class. When the teacher agrees to re-test you, be sure to thank him or her.

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