I have dark brown eyes. Do girls like that color? Lol :D


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Maddie Hart Profile
Maddie Hart answered
I love that color. Thats mine,
Sorry that it seems I'm obsessively answering all your questions, hahah they are all fun to answer.
Its cute that you have girl questions.
Lucy Ariel Profile
Lucy Ariel answered
For lots of girls, it seems that eye colour is something that REALLY makes a guy attractive. All girls prefer different eye colours :) I think that dark brown eyes are really sexy, but I do also love a bright blue.. Absolutely stunning.
PS- For me at least, when boys have amazing eyes, I am instantly attracted to him.. But also, when guys smell good.. If you have a distinct scent (a good one, of course), whenever a girl smells that anywhere, she will tend to think of you :)
venice carr Profile
venice carr answered
Yes, there deep and moody, I love mysterious dark and romantic eyes
savannah seymour Profile
I like green eyes better, maybe thats because my bf are... But next to green I like brown :) plus it depends on the fire and personality behind them :)
Amie Thomas Profile
Amie Thomas answered
I love guys with dark brown eyes. They always seem so sweet nd sensitive nd I love guys like that.
hockey luvergurl Profile
Heck duh! I LUV dark brown!!!!! I also LUV milk chocolate brown!!!!! Hmmmmm I also LUV guys with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes! Or black hair and bright blue eyes(: Jakes eyes changes frum dark brown to kinda greenish(:(:

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