Why Do Babies Eyes Change Color?


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Its possible because when babies are first born their eye-color isn't stabilized yet. Its not unhealthy at ALL, its just that in newborns, the pigmentation process of the iris is not yet complete yet so the eye color sometimes changes.

Babies with darker skin are usually born with dark eyes that stay relatively dark. Iris color in lighter-skinned babies is usually a blue or bluish-gray color at birth, then change as they grow. Melanin production changes during the first year of life, usually resulting in a darker, deeper eye color.

That's all I know. Hope this help you!
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Often white newborn babies have blue eyes when they are born; after
exposure to light the colour of the iris may change and the baby will
develop green or brown eyes
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Well, it's just how they develop. My daughter was born with blue eyes now she has brown eyes- no contacts!
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I was born with Hazel eyes, I am 23 now and my eyes change colors with my mood..
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Take a look at this site it explains the changes in babies eye colors. Www.babycenter.com/404_will-my-babys-eyes-stay-this-color_10009.bc
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My son was born with dark blue eyes by the time he was 1 month they change to very light blue eyes he is now 11 and is the only one in the family with that color everybody else has brown , so you never know

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