How Long Do You Think...people Should Stay On Life Support, If They Are Determined To Be Brain Dead?


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I had a friend who was determined brain dead and the family signed the dnr and then they pulled the plug.... Thing is she didn't die and began to breathe and lived.... If she didn't tell you and show you the scars you would never know that she had to learn everything all over again.... So when... I don't think I ever could unless I knew that is what that person would want.
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That should be determined by that individual's family, My friend is in life support right now and it is so hard to let go, how do you tell a mother or a father that their child can only be helped for a certain amount of time.
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If there is proof of a person not wanting to be on it,than I would say OK but there are times when one more day can make a world of difference because there are those that live after life support has been removed,it is truly difficult but one thing is for sure we are not GOD and who knows the outcome with or without life support....the fact that one does not want to be on life support should be in writing and not discussed about who wants what or who heard the person say what they would want,get it in writing.....good luck

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