How to congratulate someone on their marriage?


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suman kumar answered
Happy married life.
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Joe B. answered
Hey you..... Congrats on taking the plunge..... Hope it lasts forever.
There's a simple saying, usually best uttered when everyone is really drunk already.
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Arch Mage answered
If these are people you know then simply say what you feel.  People who know you understand your meaning no matter the words.  If these are people you don't know too well then simply say something polite.  Keep it simple and short.  Newly married couples have heard so many things that they are tuning most of the comments out.  All that they will remember is that you spoke to them while smiling.  Congratulate them, tell them that they look wonderful together and wish them a very happy future.  Good luck.
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Buy them chocolate! Buy them a new car!  Tell them how touched you were at the amazingness and joy of the wedding. Tell them you are happy for them and give them your best wishes! Buy them honeymoon tickets! Throw a huge party in their honor!!!!!

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