What Is The Fluid That Secretes From Male Organ Before Semen? Does It Contains Any Sperms?


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Steven Vakula answered
It is called pre-ejaculatory fluid and it lubricates the way for the semen to exit. It ofter contains sperm so if one is not protected and this fluid is in the female she can get pregnant.
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guddu ali answered
I am 31 yrs. Old. I married two months back. Due to Job reason, I am not with my wife.
Problem : When I am talking with her, my pre-ejaculatory fluid (Pre-Cum) is continue coming from my panis in a very small quantity.
Is it a symptom of any disease,or it not good for sexual life. Please advise me how to control these things and medicine for it.
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That called pre-ejaculate or precum

I usually does not contain any sperm cells but there is always a chance that it might

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Chuck Mann answered
That's commonly referred to as "pre-cum", and it may contain a little bit of sperm, but it's probably just a VERY SMALL amount. Probably NOT enough to get a female pregnant, I wouldn't think. And the reason it comes out, is to act as a lubricant, for penetration, in the same way a woman's vagina lubricates, just before and during the sexual act.
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It's called pre-cum and can contain sperm, although in low numbers.  Although the sperm are present in low numbers, it only takes ONE to get a female pregnant.

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