What Is Slightly Expressed Sensing Personality?


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A slightly expressed personality is one where a person is wary of fully expressing themselves. This can be down to a number of reasons and tends to be off-putting for people that they come into contact with.

When someone is holding things back, it is difficult to develop a proper relationship either personally or professionally. People who hold back their personality tend to be insecure and over eager to please. Being over concerned with the image that you project and the reaction of others has a detrimental effect on your own personality and is easily recognizable. In most situations there will be some things that people wish to keep guarded; it is natural to hold back when you are introduced to new company. If this becomes a natural instinct however, it will begin to become part of your personality and detract from the impression that you create.

Overcoming the defensive mechanism that makes someone suppress their natural personality takes a bit of time and often requires a lot of patience. By overcoming this issue, an individual will begin to appreciate and value themselves - the ability to properly express yourself and exert your personality is a natural feature for most people.

No-one expects people to be super confident, everyone has different characteristics and features; being able to relate and communicate with others is a natural reaction and part of what defines us. When someone is comfortable with themselves and in company, they tend to be more successful personally and also professionally. Most people will have concerns and reservations about aspects of their personality, but by keeping them in perspective they shouldn't be detrimental to how you appear to others.

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