Do Girls Like Watching Blue Films?


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'Blue films' (also known as 'pornographic films', or simply 'porno') are enjoyed by both men and women.

Statistically, more men watch porn than women - but the amount of females who enjoy watching X-rated content is far from negligible, and that number is on the increase!

Do girls watch porn?
Guys often find it hard to accept that women watch porn too, but I think it's time to shatter that myth. Whilst the adult industry is still predominantly aimed at men, there is a growing amount of pornography designed specifically for women.

As to why women watch porn, I've done some research and have discovered 5 main reasons:

Why girls love adult films too:
Reason #1 - To attain sexual arousal Girls enjoy getting 'turned on' just as much as guys do (if not more). Some women watch porn to reach orgasm, whilst others use it as a way of 'getting in the mood' for sex.

Reason #2 - Out of curiosity Porn is a great way of learning about human anatomy. Many sex moves and positions can also be learned from watching adult movies.

Reason #3 - To look at naked guys Just as a guy might enjoy looking at naked or scantily-clad women, girls also like checking out attractive men with very little clothing on.

Reason #4 - To research people's fantasies Watching XXX material can help a girl get some insight into what guys fantasize about, as most porn is unrealistic and aims to fulfil male fantasies. Getting a guy's insight into bedroom activities might be useful information for a female!

Reason #5 - Getting to know her partners preferences. Also, if a girlfriend ever finds porn on her boyfriend's computer, she is guaranteed to watch it and make subsequent deductions about her partner's preferences and personality, based on the type of porn she's caught him viewing.
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Yes! But only a certain group are interested in it.
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Both watch, but women like a different type of film than men on average. More romance.

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Yeah. Girls are also human beings and this is common knowledge that they watch blue films. I have several girl friends who watch xvideos more often than me. At first, I had quite a strange feeling about it but now we can discuss these films and our preferences and I feel good about it

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