What Are The Disadvantages Of Giving Children They Pocket Money?


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They may not be old, or mature enough to
know how to save it or spend it on what they
really want. It really depend on their age and how
you feel they would react to this freedom. What
you have to do, is make a decision as to whether
they are ready.
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There are many disadvantage of pocket money for student.Like,
That will make the child feel that 'parents money is not his/her money',
'It could lead to fights between children',
'Unhealthy competition amongst children on the amount of pocket money they get'
'Loss of control on where children spend the money'
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First of all the child will get spoiled and
wastage of precious money which could have been saved for some
important use. Mainly a child should be given pocket money when they attain
teenage. Becasue by then they would be able to make decisions of their own.
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They may waste it on junk they don't need.

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