How Serious Is A Fever Of 105 In A 2 Year Old?


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It is very serious, you need to ice the child down with cold water or ice, and keep the clothes off. Just wrapped enough to steel the night air away, and get him/her to the hospital right away, there are organs in the body that shut down at these temperatures, and can cause worse problems! Please get the child to the hospital now! Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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Sharon answered
The weight and build of a child makes whatever is happening in their body spread much faster than an adult. Even if the child has no signs of a cold, you need to get medical advice. It could be internal infection. I would try to medicate a temp of 102 rectally, but any higher, I would take them to a hospital and never never never give children as when they have an elevated temp. By the way, this is just my advice, not as a licensed medical professional. That would be diagnosing
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Brian Reed answered
This,  though it sounds quite alarming,  is really quite common in a very young toddler. I am not saying take it lightly but it does happen in young children quite often

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