Which Diaper Holds The Most Water? Also Tell Me The Brand!


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You can do a little experiment with several types of nappies to find the driest one but the best are probably the leading brands like Huggies or Pampers.
This is probably the case as they have an expert team who have in depth research into producing the best nappies out there, all this with clever advertising and marketing of the brand of course.
In most cases there are several people and mums who prefer such premium brands because it not only has a better fit but it has tighter leg seals so they don't leak as much, better adhesive for putting the diaper on the baby.
The level of absorbency in diapers like Huggies or Pampers is outstanding and much better than the other cost effective brands in the market currently.
The level of testing absorbency is a simple matter of weighing a diaper, dunking it in water for a bit and then weighing it again which should reveal Huggies to be the best for a number of reasons. Firstly, Huggies smell better and the fragrance is much better compared to Pampers which have a strong perfume smell. Huggies also stay dry longer and are on the whole leak free.
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HUGGIES!!! They are the best diapers ever made. My daughter was in a swimming pool with the family and the huggies diaper was swollen up about 2x sizes bigger. And the cool part was it didn't explode or bust. That's all we use for our daughter. Its the one with the leakage protection.
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I know the brand huggies! They are famous all over the world and were made in 1993! They also hold way more water than drypers or pampers. One  time I did this project and the huggies  looked 2x more bigger and didnt rip! So I would say huggies.   P.S. You can find huggies almost anywhere!
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I am also doing the experiment and I got huggies
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My parents are foster parents to infants, and my mom would not use anything but HUGGIES!  She says they fit better, absorb better and just are best all around.
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All diapers brand, depend how long you let the baby stay with it wet, hours and hours, the whole day maybe, depend how often you change the diaper and how many liquids bottles the baby drinks all day
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I just did the project the other day the generic brand was awful huggies was alright but pampers worked great I used size I diapers and the pampers held like 3 1/4 cups of water
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Pampers......I tried huggies they where ok,and I tried asdas and they where aw-full and gave my lil girl nappie rash!!! Defo pampers !
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I had 2 kids and the very best diapers were a brand called drypers and I could only find them at shop n save. Purple bag.
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Luvs Diapers tend to hold more liquid and you can find coupons online for them.

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