What Do You Have A Weakness For?


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Sarah Klimko Profile
Sarah Klimko answered
I am a nutcase for buffalo wings. The hotter the better, and I don't care whether boneless or original.  I love them so much! I love fried chicken in general, but definitely the hot wings. My husband took me to beauregaurd's for wings and beer the other weekend, and I swear I fell in love w/ him all over again on the spot!  A very close second would be Mickey D's chicken nuggets.
Kristi DeMilta Profile
Kristi DeMilta answered
Sushi. Dear God, I am an absolute sucker for sushi. I could eat that day in and day out. As for fruits, it's certainly got to be pineapple. I could live off of pineapple and sushi. As for desserts... None that I know of. I prefer natural sweets, not artificial ones. Apple pie is made of win, though. <3
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Anonymous answered
Oh my gosh: Chocolate strawberries!
Ree Ree Profile
Ree Ree answered
Big time carbs!!! Got to have them
Mati green Profile
Mati green answered
Cookies.... Especially homemade chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies. God I wish I had time to bake...lol.
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Anonymous answered
Eel sushi, and strawberries if it is in the house I'll eat it all so get some while you can by the time you go back for it it's gone lol.
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Anonymous answered
Chocolate chip cookies!  I love lots of junk food.  McDonald's french fries.  Chocolate sodas.  Who doesn't love merengue pies, chocolate or lemon?
jessica nix Profile
jessica nix answered
Everywhere I go, I got to have ice cream. No matter the flavor, it will be gone very soon. I especially love nutty buddys. Which is what I'm eating now. My in-laws get mad because when they buy ice cream its generally gone within 1-2 days. Cookies-n-cream are such a weakness for me. Wish I had some. Strawberries are awesome too.  : )->
chanel loftin Profile
chanel loftin answered
I have a major weakness for chocolate. Speficially milk chocolate. White chocolate is ok, and dark chocolate is nasty. I love milk chocolate though. Anything from candy, to ice cream, to cookies. I would say my favorite chocolate candy is a milky way. My favorite chocolate ice cream is rocky road, and I love chocolate chip cookies..or fudge cookies. Chocolate is the best, and yes I'm addicted to it. One place I haven't gone to is hershey park, and I can't wait cause I know I would stuff my mouth with a whole bunch of chocolate. I know I would get sick, but it going to be worth it. CHOCOLATE ROCKS!
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sharon goss
sharon goss commented
CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!AND, don't even attempt to keep me from it. At times, I swear I would KILL to get a candy bar.....chocolate , umm.....
Gary Weiss Profile
Gary Weiss answered
Mean Weakness: Garlic. Most certainly, it's smell as all get out, but, to compensate, I'll eat it (raw, of course!) when I know I'm not going anyplace for the next 15-18 hours. And the reasons that I eat it: It's a natural insect repellent - I get eaten alive if I _don't_ eat it. (Commercial preparations don't do a darn thing for me.) Also, since I've been eating it (25+ years), I"ve had maybe 3 cold (used to get 3 colds a _week_ during colder weather!). One other item: Sauerkraut Strudel. If it were available hereabouts, I'd be snarfing it all the time! (Twas a favourite of my maternal grandfather, an immigrant to the U.S. From Croatia.)
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Grandma Pugh
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wow wow wow you have all made me hungry. I love everything that every one has metioned. I really can't name just one thing unless it might be a dish of all fresh fruit.
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Recently I have been addicted to sunchips. Especially the new garden
salsa kind. Oh my lord, those are delicious! And I also agree about the
chips and salsa. I love fresh salsa, and my family doesn't like to buy
it anymore, because I could eat the entire cup of it in one sitting. I
but my chips from a local mexican restaurant. They make them
themselves, and they are always perfect! Yum!
suman kumar Profile
suman kumar answered
I have weakness for Chicken. I love to eat any items made with chicken like Tandoori chicken, Kebabs, Biryani etc
Ace anonymous Profile
Ace anonymous answered
Anything with carbs, anything that has been deep fried (like a deep fried twinky that has be smothered in chocolate!) and Bar-B-Que! (If you haven't guessed, I'm southern.)
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
Of late, it has been buttermilk, and pickles, no I am not preggers, and I don't eat them together, ick. Oddly enough, I have been losing the weight I have been wanting to lose too. Lol
Donna Joy Plattner Profile
Meat....wheres the beef? ...ANY MEAT...CHICKEN,PORK,BEEF,GOAT,LAMB,DEER,PHEASNT,DUCK...it doesn't matter as long as it is cooked up right...you got good meat -you got good food!
Moe Pence Profile
Moe Pence answered
I love homemade baked goodies -- cookies, cupcakes, layer cakes, pies, brownies!  When I find a rare, really great bakery with quality baked goods, I go home with way too much stuff.  My latest passion has been apple pie, tarts and cobblers.  Next it will be pumpkin muffins and pies.  When Christmas comes around, it's like open season for me with homemade cookies and fudge. 
I threw my weight scale away.
Caleb Iamlegend Profile
Caleb Iamlegend answered
I have a love for junk food and homemade food.I can't get enough of vanilla milkshakes,tacos(I can eat like seven),German chocolate cake,and skittles.I love too much stuff to list.I can't really say there is just one thing considering there is just so much good food on earth.LOL-Iamlegend
Go ahead and start laughing...mango yogurt...yep can eat I morning, noon and night!!!  you may stop laughing now.  thank you! Lol...♥nassy
Cara B Profile
Cara B answered
Nuts! Sunflower seeds, cashews and peanuts! I snack them all day at work! I love them and have for years!
Laura Wilde Profile
Laura Wilde answered
I love Salsa and Chips.  I could just make a meal out of them at the Mexican Restaurants! 
M Miller Profile
M Miller answered
Give me absolutely ANYTHING with salt!  Potato chips, peanuts, pretzels, popcorn, anything!!  My name is......and I am a salt'holic ;) 

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