How Do I Throw A Pakistani/American Engagement Party?


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It will be a very beautiful amalgamation of east and west.  You should swap the dresses, like should wear a pakistani bridal dress, and he should wear typical american engagement dress. Food and background music can be pakistani. It will add a good taste to your party. You can google on pakistani culture and learn more. I prefered to give it a bit more pakistani touch because it will have a better impact if your party is in USA. So enjoy ;)
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I've been planning this wedding for sometime now. I'm most thankful to everyone,who has answer my wedding questions.
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Hi Ladyautumn!
There is a lot of difference between Pakistani and American culture. American engagement is more westernized and Pakistani is more traditional. You can make the atmosphere of the party with western style like decor. And you can arrange the gifts and your dress in western style. For more information click on the link:
Traditional Pakistani parties

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Mehndi--this function would be entirely Pakistani. Usually the bride wears a yellow or green outfit and a headscarf. Makeup should be minimal. For mehndi dances, there could be some american routines.

Shaadi- You can have American food, decor, etc. But things like drinking, kissing,sexually suggestive dancing, garter thing, etc. Would be very offensive to Pakistani guests.

Walima-- this can be the most American event of the three. Your hubby can wear a suit and you can wear a 'western' dress. You can basically do anything you want here, as long as it's nothing too debaucherous.

Basically just pretend pakistani people are like americans in the people back then did enjoy music, dancing, etc. But they had a very strict sense of propriety and religion at the same time.

-SIDRA..from boca raton

your probably already married by now but maybe this will help a future poster.

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