Do You Believe That People Meet For A Reason?


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I believe so I think everything happens for a reason whether we understand what that reason is or not, it may be for a friendship or a relationship . It may turn out to be that you make a difference in that persons life or they make a difference in yours. I have met many people that have been a great influence in my life and I will always remember those people even if we don't keep in touch.
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Yes, definitely. And there is always something to gain out of every situation or interaction. Some people disagree... They say: "Well, what do you gain from an infant dying?" or "Where is the good in someone being murdered?" Well, think about it. Whatever the "negative" situation is, there is something positive coming out of it -- perhaps the parents of the infant would have been abusive [or put the child in an abusive situation with or without their knowledge]. Perhaps the person who was murdered was SUPPOSED to die then, because they needed to be re-born into a new life, to start a new purpose. Look into a series by James Redfield called The Celestine Prophecy -- which discusses these exact ideas [and more!] in a fictional setting. They really have the ability to open up your perspective on the human condition! :)
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I suppose there may be something like "coincidence" where you end up before somebody without purposing to meet at all. However, there is a reason to why people meet and this can be God ordained for individuals to meet and not coincidentally.....
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Coincidence is a human word thing happened without our purpose but all things happened to a reason only god knows how and why they happened 
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Yes that's true. Sometimes coincidence also occurs, there are few  occassions where I had met my old friends on coincidence loll

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