What Is The Cherokee Indian Symbol For 'Family'?


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There is no symbol for the word 'family' as far as Cherokee language is concerned.

The Cherokee Indians would have used a syllable-based language to communicate, and the word for family in that language would be: ᏏᏓᏁᎸᎯ.

How do you say 'family' in Cherokee?

The word 'family' is written as ᏏᏓᏁᎸᎯ in Cherokee, and is pronounced she-dah-nay-luh'-he. The actual symbols are called Si-da-ne-lv-hi individually.

The Cherokee language is a fascinating and mysterious combination of syllables and symbols that didn't come into use until the 1800s.
What is the Cherokee language?
Cherokee Indians and their language are descended from a separate tribe known as Muscogee.
In fact the word 'Cherokee' is a Muscogee word (although it is pronounced Tsalagi).

As far as how the Cherokees communicated, they didn't use picture-symbols like some other Native American people did - instead, their language and alphabet was created by a silversmith called Sequoyah (also known as Geogre Gist).

He was responsible for creating the Cherokee concept of 'syllabary'- where syllables are represented by individual symbols.

To learn more about Cherokee language, I'd suggest paying a visit to the official site of the Cherokee nation, which also has a useful translation dictionary.
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Unfortunately, you can't really tell because the Indians had their own alphabet.

Family is: Si-da-ne-lv-hi (she-dah-nay-luh-he)
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It was very common to use animal symbols for many central ideas.
Some native Indian tribes used the beaver as the symbol for family unity.
I believe it must be the same for the Cherokee Indians.

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