Do You Have Some Samples Of An Engagement Party Welcome / Speech By The Future Bride's Mother?


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Mother's of the future bride should follow a number of things while writing a speech.
To begin with, you should introduce yourself and who you are, in case everyone doesn't know you. Introducing yourself with something along the lines of "We're so happy to be here for this joyous occasion" is a good idea.
Then proceed by perhaps telling a funny anecdote or story about the first time you met the bride or groom or a humorous story about the two of them together. This is sure to get people listening, creates a sense of ease among the guests and also is an excellent way to give an entertaining speech.
Write your speech on index cards as this will make it easier to keep up with and is less distracting than paper. Read your speech to yourself in advance and always look straight at the audience when giving the speech. Also speak slowly and clearly and be sincere when speaking. A speech is about good humoured self confidence.
When giving a speech don't drink too much before hand - no one wants you slurring the speech, though for public speaking a little drop can always be of help. Also don't let the speech ramble on and also try not to use inappropriate humour as people may be offended.
If you are fearful of public speaking; when standing lean against the table or a chair and use it to stop you shaking. Sitting down is disrespectful to the couple. If your hands are shaking put them behind your back. There is also no problem admitting your nervousness when speaking in public as most people have a similar fear.
Always maintain a good humoured and friendly visage and you'll be perfectly fine. is a good resource for tips.
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