What Is The Federal Employer ID Number Of The US Census Bureau?


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After doing some research myself. I found a link that gives all the EIN numbers for the regional census bureau offices:
www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/cse/pol/DCL/2003/dcl-03-23a.pdf Hope this helps.  Simply scroll down until you find the Census Bureau and then locate your regional office.  It also gives addresses and contact information.
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I just found the Census Bureau federal tax id by searching via the Charlotte Regional Census Center website....I just went to FAQS at the bottom of the page and did a search and someone else had already asked the question....here it is ...53-0204537 ...a day late for me ..hope it will help you out.
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Thank you it does help me alot. Now I can finish my taxes online by using that number and the
last pay stub.
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I have been running around with the census to get my W2 for about a month now. My experience with this is just another reason why the gov should not control anything in peoples lives..lol They screw it up.

So far I have found three numbers. On the US census website the number does not work for pulling your records.
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Does anyone know the ein number for the u.s census bureau? I really need this so please help if you can thanks.

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