My Two-Year-Old Son Just Hit His Head Really Hard On The Side Of The Table, But I Can't See Any Marks. What Should I Do?


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Oh, the poor thing! I think the first thing to do is calm him down – it’ll be impossible for you to assess the situation otherwise.

I think it’s worth remembering that, as a mom, you’re probably imagining that the damage is a lot worse than actually it is.

I know what it’s like – I have four kids of my own! Just try not to panic, as I’m sure your son will be okay.

What To Do When Your Child Hits Their Head
  • It would help if you knew which part of the table he hit his head on. A corner is likely to do more visible damage than a straight edge, so check his head for grazes or blood.
  • Check for lumps and bruises – if there are any, they should begin to show within about fifteen minutes.
  • Check for dizziness, poor coordination, and confusion.
  • Watch out for slow or slurred speech.
  • Make sure your child’s eyes are focusing properly – wave something in front of him and tell him to follow it with his eyes. You’re looking out for slow reactions, here.
  • Don’t let your child go to sleep just yet – keep him occupied and awake for several hours, and see how the situation progresses.
If anything seems to be wrong, you should take your child to a doctor or hospital as soon as possible. There might not be any damage at all, but when it comes to your children, you don’t want to take any risks.
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Look him in the face and track his eyes. If they're slower than usually take him to a doctor.

Wake him up every two hours for the first night and if you're really concerned or he seems slower or in pain for too long, take him to the doctor right away.
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Thank you. I kept checking him all night and he woke up this morning fine :) there doesn't seem to be a bump or bruise.

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