Can Meth Through Boyfriends Semen Make Me Sick?


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My boyfriend was doing heroin while I was on Suboxone and having to take regular UAs. I asked him if Dan's semen would show up as a dirty UA and he just laughed. I really doubt that the semen made you sick-but, if he had any sort of disease such as hepatitis C, that can be transmitted through semen. HIV and STDs can be transmitted. I would go to a place like a needle exchange facility and they will probably run the tests for free (they do here in Washington State), and the Health Department will also run tests. I am assuming you have no medical insurance or don't want your doctor to know your boyfriend was doing meth.Just by the way, I am for the legalization of drugs, but meth is one drug I feel should never be legal. It wrecks lives, relationships, a person's health, rots their teeth, enables violent or illegal activities more than any other drug. I was a drug and alcohol counselor for 10 years and have a Masters degree. I feel meth and its cousins like ice, are the worst drugs a person can use. Alcohol is second. For example, a person smoking pot or doing heroin are highly unlikely to abuse their partners or children. Neither are that hard on the body, except heroin is physically addicting, but there are no lasting health problems. Pot smokers really commit crimes, unless they are mixing the pot with alcohol. Heroin addicts commit crimes to get their drugs, but they are very rarely violent. Just my observance and experience.

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