Do You Think Polygamy Should Be Banned?


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Yes, it needs to be banned! Look at the mess that just happened in Texas. I find in wrong, immoral, and I could never ever imagine sharing my husband with other women, nor would I ever want our children subjected to it. So to sum up my answer, YES~ IT NEEDS TO BE BANNED!!!!
Robbier...I am going to try & spell everything correctly but I am typing left-handed so bear w/ me my♥  Personally I would not be involved in such "cults", but those that are and choose to be of their own free will, have at it.  God is the only one they must worry about judging them because I choose not to judge things nor people that I simply don't understand.  For who am I to judge what anyone does except for actions resulting from my own doing?♥
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Polygamy is where one man can marry more than one woman in the same family or in different family depending on the situation.In my family one of my aunties gave birth to eighty (8) girls and for a long time she lived in  pain of not having a son in her family,the husband decided to marry a second woman due to pressure from the parents and the surrounding that he had no hair because in the African culture  girls can not be hairs in the family .After he married this woman ,she conceived at the same time with my aunt  in the same month,she gave birth to a baby boy after 1 week my aunt also gave birth to baby boy. So there was some chemistry that took place that without may be the 2nd wife my aunt would not have given birth to a son.Some families are too small that one has no uncle ,aunt in the family so the only way to expand the family is to go  polygamy,some women are much disturbing and big headed in the family so the only way to tame  such a woman is to bring another woman,it also reduces on too much work in the family for example if a man has around 4 woman the better, he can spend 1week in every woman's house thus giving them time to gain their strength in doing work,Polygamy is better not to be banned for example am from a polygamous family,the children from my mother are so bright  and those from step mother are so dull that they can not even add 1+1,without using a calculator so if my father had only married my step He would have not given birth to any bright children its good to have a variety of women,For integration purpose polygamy should not be banned for example if a mug were man marries around 7woman from different tribes,this can bring PEACE in the area because its hard for one to kill his one blood in the African culture. Another example is the Rwanda genocide if this people had married from their own tribes and added on from the different tribes the genocide would not have occurred.
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Polygamy can also refer to a woman with multiple husbands, but the term "polyandry" is usually applied to that. That's heir, not hair. What you related is very interesting. Not the traditional western customs.
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Yes; it;'s not fair to other women to have to share their man with other women. Just because men are created to chase skirts doesn't mean they have too!
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I thnk polygamy should be practiced its going to decrease the rate of older men proposing young children because their sexual needs could not be met at home
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Polygamy is illegal in most western nations.  You are referring to what has gone on in some fringe religious groups (usually Mormon splinter groups), and those  practices are illegal.  Personally, I would want nothing to do with it, but if all parties are consenting adults, well, whatever floats your boat.  BTW, the word is prophet, not profit.
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My apologies for my spelling blunder.
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Lighten up robbier44, BY THE WAY, we all make spelling mistakes or are you different from the general population????

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