Would Having HPV Cause Skin Boils?


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ray of light answered
The skin boils on face and in mouth are due to HPV 1 which is not STD. The boils at face, neck, shoulder and chest are shingles which is also not STD. The HPV 2 is STD and it can cause warts and boils on genital area not on rest of body. Out of 40 species of HPV, few can cause cervical cancer especially HPV 16 and HPV 17. The boils on the skin are not due to HPV2,. I advise you to visit a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.
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SidrA Tasneem answered
HPV stands for Human Papilloma VIrus, it usually expresses itself over the genitals. There are no skin manifestations.If you are still in doubt consult your physician who may advise you some blood tests. 
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Boils are normally not caused by HPV. However, it can be because of bacteria on your skin. Which has caused infection. It also depends on the location of the boil. However, to keep the boils away stay clean and dry at all times and wash yourself thoroughly with antibacterial soap. Since you have a case history of HPV, I would advise you to get yourself examined every year so that there is no chance of recurrence of the disease.

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