I'm Tired Of Drama, But How Do I Stop It?


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I personally believe, Drama, as you describe it, is of the devil. He is the author of chaos. The best way to handle it is to stay detached from it. Just because the people you love are allowing negativity to dominate their lives, does not mean that you have to accept it into your own. Sure you care, but you can not fix anyone, so why set yourself up for frustration. I acknowledge the feelings of those I love who are troubled, but I stay out of the drama itself. I don't carry stories, choose sides or rescue people, who get themselves in one drama after another, no matter how innocent they may seem. People choose to play or they don't. I don't 'meddle' in other peoples lives, and that helps a lot. I always remember that there are at least 3 sides to every story. So I listen without having to pass judgment on anyone. My sincere sympathy goes out to those who suffer, but I am not joining in, because I value my peace of mind more.
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Oh  my gosh, like everywhere I go there is drama! What should I do I hate it and I want everyone to be friends and not have different groups, sure we have different best friends, but I wish we could all get along. Why did God make drama? I mostly avoid it, but after a while it gets annoying!
Avoid the drama kings/queens and hang out with those that like you 4 you not 4 how popular you r or whatever click you r in.  trust me I found the same scenario when I was in school...all the way thru college.  every school has 'em and the smart one's avoid 'em.

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