How Long Does It Take To Evict A Disabled Person In California?


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What if I'm caretaking instead of rent and I'm disabled can they evict  and how long in ca
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First of all it does not matter if your disable or not. Non payment of rent results in a Legal Eviction. Usually in California, non payment of rent can result an Eviction proceedings 1-3months. After not paying rent the first month, the landlord has the right to start Eviction Filing at the courts, which usually has a court date within 30 days. If you withheld rent, but will have it on the court date, you may be able to pay the full amount and keep your home if the landlord wishes you to continue living their, otherwise you will have a judgement against you and it will effect any future rental you wish to obtain for 7 years. I say pay up. If you don't have the funds, check the city you live in to find out if their are programs to help you pay "all your bills" this is hardship if you have no means to pay.
Good Luck!, and let me know how it goes.

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