What Causes A Baby To Grab His Head In Real Pain?


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If you've had the child looked at thoroughly, and the doctor has missed something, then there should be another doctor to take a look at the baby.
There is no reason that a baby should be grabbing their head, though it can seem like they do sometimes, it's a motor skill type thing. But if the baby is crying in pain, then take baby to the emergency room if you have to, time is essential with infants. Hope this helps, good luck.
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I agree with tiggersmom. Make sure you take the child to someone who specializes in children, not just to a regular ER, if possible. Insist on an MRI.
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Take him back an don't take no for an answer you want to get help fast for him he shouldn't be suffering with the wrong diagnosis he is only little don't delay trust your instinct

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