Can Muscle Relaxers Make You Pass A Polygraph?


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Cody Wierzbicki answered
Yes you will pass because the heart beats faster when you tell a lie and a polygraph measures nerves which typically get blood so when you lie they have more bloodflow than usual when you take a muscle relaxer it slows muscles down so therefore your heart is a muscle so when you lie after taking one your heart slows its beat down so therefore the nerves get less bloodflow so the polygraph doesn't suspect you are lying so you pass with a 100%
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ray of light answered
The polygraph is also called lie detector. This detector measures physiological changes in sympathetic nervous system during questions.   Beside of the claim, the reliability of polygraph is not supported by scientific studies. There are many peoples who has passed this test although they were spy. You can also pass this test if you take good sleep at night, relax on the test day and be calm. For more information visit
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Well it slows the heart rate and makes you seem calmer like your telling the truth
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The best way to pass a polygraph test is to tell the truth.

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