Why Are Romeo And Juliet Called "Star-crossed Lovers"?


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"Star-crossed" or "star-crossed lovers" is a phrase describing a pair of lovers whos realtionship is thought to be doomed from the start.  The phrase is considered an astrological phrase.  Anouther example of a star crossed lover is guenivere and lancelot or tristan and isolde.
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Romeo and Juliet are considered to be "star-crossed Lovers" because of the way that their love was written in fate. From the very beginning of the play, when The Chorus claimed that the couple was star-crossed, to the end, when Romeo just happened to die RIGHT BEFORE Juliet awoke seconds later, the book is written with many different layers of fate and . . .
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There is a belief that your fate was written in the stars.

To be star-crossed, means to be ill-fated, unlucky, not favoured by the stars.

If Romeo and Juliet are star-cross'd lovers their love affair has no hope. They are fated to come to a bad end, which is exactly what happens to them.
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The idea is that their fate was "written in the stars" (as some people believe in fate, astrology, etc) and sadly their stars/fate did not allow them to be together - they were "crossed" or thwarted by fate (in the shape of their warring families etc.)
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Just because they have a forbidden love. Why? Because their families are great enemies ever since the story started.

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