I Suffer Terribly From Nostalgia. How Do I Overcome It?


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Steven Vakula answered
Occupy yourself with things that are unrelated to the nostalgic stimulant. Change the music you listen to, watch a different type of movie, engage in a new sport or social organization. To remove the lost feeling you need to reoccupy yourself with different and unrelated activities unassociated with the prior memories that take you back to the time. It is difficult but idle hands breed idle minds and feeding the beast will not satisfy its hunger only make it crave more! You need to change the order of your life, not continue to occupy the space that is no longer available. Get busy wake up earlier go to be later change when you eat dinner, within time it will no longer seem strange but living in a time that is gone will become the strangeness. Honestly!
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Jerome Lavoie answered
I embrace it.  I go through my parents house in my mind, and try to remember in the greatest detail every object in every room.  I go on eBay and search for those exact items, and I buy them for a few dollars.  When the items arrive, it gives me tremendous pleasure; and I go think of more items we had in that house.  I have found that with enough effort, I can remember almost perfectly, as if I was watching a video made by an insurance agent.  Don't fight nostalgia, just fight the melancholy it can cause if it is not embraced.  Get an 8-track player and go to the local Goodwill store, antique mall, and every garage sale you come across.  Turn this 'condition' into a way of life.

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