Where Can I Find Free Printable Wedding Reception Invitation Templates?


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  • Where can I find free wedding invitation templates?
If you follow the above link it will take you to 'Hoover Web Design' and directly to a link for wedding reception invitation templates. You can then download it into Adobe and print out as many as you like for free.

It is a tasteful and appropriate invitation with a bunch of peach roses, a bottle of champagne and 2 full champagne glasses. It is set in a rectangle border with text on the page with the header 'Our Wedding'.

There is a romantic poem on the invitation that says, 'Two hearts that beat as one. One soul inhabiting two bodies. Two lives entwined together forever.' You will be able to change any text or other aspects of the design once you download it but if you are uncertain how to do this, you can simply leave it as it is.

There is also a blank space on the invitation should you wish to handwrite anything onto the invitation to give it a more personal touch.

  • Other party invitation templates

There are many other places across the internet where you can find invitation templates that are available for download for free.

ww.invitationland.com is a good website for invitation templates. Here you can select the design that you like and then add personalized text to the invitation. You can change the color theme and the type of font you would like to use and you can even chose the size of the invitation you would like.

You are given the option to create just one invitation and have it at full size or you could size it so that you get four invitations per A4 sheet. This is an extremely cost effective and personal way to create invitations.

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