Is It Normal For A Boy's Testicles To Still Not Have Dropped Even When They Are Six Months Old?


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When a baby boy is developing, his testicles are originally developed in the abdomen, then as the foetus grow, the testicles drop into the scrotum. If your baby is born on time, the testicles should have already dropped down, but if they don't an examination is needed to determine the cause.

Usually the examination involves the child being in a squatting position whilst they are placed in a warm room, and if the testicles can be felt, they are gently pulled down into the right place. This does not cause any pain to the child and when the testicles are let go of, they may go back up to the high place they started at. If during the examination the testicles are not retractile, hormone therapy may need to be used in order to bring them down. Overall it is always better to get the condition diagnosed as early as possible and ideally before the age of one. This is because if the problem is left, it could cause your child to become infertile as well as causing many other potential problems.
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No its noy nomal at all my son is five yeas old and is testicles has not drop

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