How Do I Make Up Formula Milk Bottles?


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Follow the instructions on the side of the tin EXACTLY. You will need to sterilise all teats and bottles (although some sources argue you can stop sterilising after 6 months).

You should be very careful about this. There is always a small risk of micro-organisims contaminating formula feed and bottles. Moreover, your baby needs the exact ratio of water to powder that is described on the instruction tin. If a very young baby has too much water that could be hard on their kidneys and may impede their growth. Too little water and there is a risk of dehydrataion.

Even though formula may seem quite expensive, whatever you do, don't feed non-milk food to a very young baby (under 6 months ideally, but certainly not under 16 weeks). Their digestive systems aren't ready and the too-early introduction of non-milk foods may cause future health problems.

Bottles should be made up fresh for each use. If you need to prepare a bottle ahead, the best thing to do is to keep just water very hot in a flask and add it to the powder in the bottle right before use. The formula will need to cool down before baby can drink it.

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