What Can You Say About The Youth Of Today?


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With the progress of the science and technology , the modern environment is too busy and has created a lot of bad situation, especially for the youth today.

Most young people now prefer to go to the Bar, disco and nightclubs, living complete erosion. They go out with their friends to drink a cup of full wine glasses . They drink wine as water. Smoking is also a common phenomenon.

With the development of network technology, network games are more and more popular among young people. I do not like online games and do not play. Once I met friends playing online games and did not remember the name of the game , a few people playing and fighting. I do not understand why so many people love to play. A lot of them are like hothouse flowers, they lost independence completely.

I certainly believe that there are many non-performing status, as the younger generation, we still have to get a clear understanding of the current status and understand ourselves, recognize our responsibility to set a good example on life .
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We should be ashamed of ourselves; we are so influence by the media. Who the heck does the media think they are, trying to affect our individual psychology. The people behind the media don't even care about us, so why should we even listen to all the crap they are shoving down our throats. And we listen to them, more than we listen to our own darn parents.
Think about it.
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I think we rely on media and technology too much since we are always on our laptops, ipods, cellphones, radio and television throughtout the day. Plus, we are brainwashed by the trends of the media:) We should follow our own path and not rely on the media. It is up to us to stand for ourselves.

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