Could You Discuss The Importance Of Role Models For The Youth Today?


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The only way any of us learns to take our place in society is by watching how other people do it. Everyone is a role model whenever they are around anyone else, whether they like it or not.

Many parents forget this, thinking that their words speak louder than their actions. Behavior observed by a child trumps anything the child is told. (TV included.)
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I was a single parent. I relied heavily on positive male role models, for my son to learn from. Coaches, Teachers, Ministers. It is important for children to have positive role models to teach them the right way.
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I'm a youth and I believe role models can be a powerful force for learning and realizing your potential. They’re important for achieving fulfillment in everything you do.Role models can inspire us to aim for goals and achieve ambitions which we think are beyond ourselves. That goal or ambition might be to gain a higher degree, to learn to be an airline pilot. It's good to have these dreams and ambitions and to have people who inspire us to go for it! For example, I want to be a pilot. My daddy is a pilot and he has worked so hard and now owns an airline in Nigeria. He is my role model.

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