What Are The Development Task Of A Teenagers?


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It is believed that during the early part of adolescence, or teenage years, a young person develops a more mature perspective of time; acquires self-assurance, as opposed to feelings of self-doubt and self-consciousness, and begins to experiment with, usually constructive, different roles, rather than taking on a purely negative identity. The teenager begins to anticipate achievement and achieves, instead of being almost paralyzed by irrational feelings of inadequacy or an inappropriate time perspective.

As the teenager gets older, a clear vision of sexual identity, namely womanhood or manhood, is established. The young person seeks someone to look up to, or be inspired by. The teenager begins to develop a socially acceptable and desirable set of ideals. During the latter part of adolescence, the young person can for the very first time experience love, or true intimacy, which make enduring, genuine friendships or good marriages possible.

Former self-absorption is laid aside and gives way to care. This encompasses care in the general sense of working creatively and productively, as well as care in the more intimate sense of commitment to marriage and parenthood.

Considering these necessary and inevitable changes in the attitudes and behavior of adolescents, the developmental tasks of teenagers can be defined as:
  • Achievement of more mature relationships among peers of both sexes
  • Achievement of sexual identity
  • Acceptance and effective use of one's body
  • Desire for and achievement of socially responsible behavior
  • Emotional independence adults, including parents
  • Preparation for and selection of an occupation
  • Achievement of economic independence
  • Preparation for marriage and potential family life
  • Acquisition of values and ethical systems to guide behavior
At some stage or another, most teenagers will display serious signs of rebellion and negativity. This is a normal part of growing up and is usually overcome within a relatively short time.

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