How Can Someone Take Away Their Shyness?


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ghazal gi answered
Shy person is not able to live and spend a powerful life in the current society. Only the bold and confident person can cope with the ups and downs of the society. If a person is shy then one is not able to work in the practical environment, one will not be able to talk with their colleagues.

To remove shyness from a person nature, that person must have to be friendly with every one. Don't be quite and don't every sit behind in the corner. Always take part in the discussions, which are going on, and give your ideas also. Don't ever feel that you are not able to talk in the community. Just speak whatever you want. The best way to get away from your shyness is the, talking. Whenever you see a discussion going on, be a part of it. More probably you have some good points for telling to others. So you will get others appreciation, via this your moral will become high, because appreciation is the thing which bring you forward.

When someone is in problem then, talk with that person and try to solve his/her problem, via this you will be able to talk with every one without hesitation.Be a pert of some general communities, via this you will see and understand the thinking and problem of other people. So be confident.
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I was very shy when younger and used my shyness to hide behind. Now I'm TOO bold and outgoing. Well, maybe not "TOO" bold etc. - I like me just the way I am.

Age helps to overcome shyness. And all the info ghazal and CLR provided above are great. The more you talk to different people the more assured you will become.

You will find that if you volunteer for something you have an interest in that you will conquer your shyness quickly. Volunteering helps to bring you out and develop positive aspects of your personality.
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The way I took away a lot of my shyness was a slow start when I am talking to people at work or go out with a friend,just do something little everyday, say hi to a neighbor, different one everyday, tell someone hello or have a nice day every single day even if you don't know them, sounds crazy but it works. I know from personal experience when I was younger,finally overcame the terrifacation of it , when I got older started managing stores, Loved it, if wasn't for my health I'd still be doing it.
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One way you can help improving your confidence when you talk to people is to hold open doors for them when you are in a public place when you are passing through doors. It's a great way to build confidence, and it's great to see people acknowledge your small but kind gesture.
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