Who Are The People Known For Their Honesty?


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Dhamen Khanna answered
friends . And the people  hoo you can trust and believe your fgamily and your love and etc
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Joan answered
You certainly assume that your Mom and Dad are honest with you. Your spouse is honest. Our Minister, Priest or Rabbi is considered to be an honest person. Your best friend is on the honest list. The police are considered honest and reliable. We all hope that these people are always honest with us. But, that is not always true. Sometime they "fudge the truth" so as not to hurt our feelings..."I like your hair that color." Sometimes the truth is not there because they are fearful of losing your respect if the whole truth comes out...."Your Mom and I do not belong to that nudest colony." But for the most part, these are the people that we love and trust to give us what we need - the honest to goodness truth. Any relationship not built on honesty will not endure.

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