How Can I Find Deceased Records?


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  The best way to find deceased record is by investigating in cemeteries. If you are looking for a person and you do not know where he or she was buried. Look into death certificate, obituaries and wills they usually list these information in these materials. If this does not work, try checking into the records of the church that the particular person attended. You can also check local public genealogy libraries and find out record of National Funeral Directors Association. These books may at least give you an approximate idea where to search.

  Once you have got the cemetery you can try searching by visiting each and every grave by the name and date of birth jotted on the grave stone. The other way to search the grave is by asking the caretaker if they have any records. The best and the easiest way to find deceased records is by internet which can do your work within minutes. You can try logging this website which is very helpful

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