What Do You Call A Person Who Is Hard To Please?


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Mark Westbrook answered
You call a person who is hard to please many things. It depends whether you are looking for a one word insult or if you are looking for a word that describes this particular type of person. One might describe this type of person as demanding or highly critical.

It is not necessarily a bad thing that someone is demanding, sometimes though, they are referred to as a ball-breaker, this means they are willing to really put you through it. Sometimes certain trainers or teachers are really hard to please.

Demanding people can also be called a nag, because they are never pleased with what you have done and they nag nag nag at you all day long to do it different.

They can also be known as fussy, or exacting, they are can be called challenging, since they are not happy, they challenge you to do more, or do your best.

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