Why Is My Husbands Semen A Brownish Pink Color?


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He needs to see a doctor immediately!!!!! This is most likely blood which could be one of a few different things, he could have problems with his prostate such a cancer, he can have a infections, or he can have a minor blood vessel rupture(this usually cures its self). But the brownish pink is usually blood and a big cause for concern. Please get help soon. Do not wait!
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My doctor said that only if the color was red would there be a concern, but to monitor it and if it continues for about 2 weeks, then we would look into visiting an urologist. I am going to go that route, since the color is not red and there is no pain involved at this time.
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Sara gave you excellent advice.
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If you're husband is discharging that color.
You might need to get checked.
Maybe someone in the relationship has a S.T.D.

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