Can You Marry First Cousin Once Removed?


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Yes you can. A first cousin once removed shares 16 percent of genes with you on average and there is still a larger chance of having a child say with cystic fibrosis that having a child with an unrelated person. So inbreeding is to be avoided if possible.   It may be that different parts of the world have different laws on cousin relationships.   Pedigree animals are inbred to fix a characteristic and to keep it fixed further inbreeding is adhered to.  All pedigree animals have problems caused by their incestuous conceptions. It is healthier to have offspring with unrelated partners.
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Yes you can, in many places you can marry your first cousin. However, you should track down all inherited problems and calculate the chances of having offspring with problems, as the more related you are, the more chances you have to increase any given trait.

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