I'm A 12 Year Old Girl And Weigh 96 Pounds. Am I Fat?


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No you defenitly are not fat.
Any who calls you fat, needs to be slapped.
No joke.
My mom weighs 101.
And she is like in her 40's.
And she is way skinny.
My neice weighs 95 pounds.
She is VERY VERY VERY VERY skinny.
Don't think for a second that you are fat.
Some other advice to take from me would be, don't try to be skinny like the rest of the world.
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It really depends on your height.
Google search "BMI Calculator"
it will ask you you height and weight and can calculate it for you
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That would depend. If you're 2 feet tall, then yes, I'm afraid you'd be considered obese.

In general, no; you are not "fat", even if tv, magazines, movies, and other kids tell you that you should THINK you are.

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Your just right and a 12 yr old should not weigh 48! A 5 yr old should. I'm 10 and weigh 76. I weighed 48 when I was 5 and 60 when I was 7! A 12 yr old shouldnt way 48!?
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It depends on your height I'm 5'4 and weigh 109 so I'm a pretty good weight oh and I'm 14... So yeah, it depends on your height. What is your height?
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It depends on your height. Many 12 year olds are 96 pounds though..
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Lol, when I was 12 I thought 96 was a big number too. It is kind of weird knowing I gained 30 lbs in 3 years, but it's perfectly normal. You are normal too! Of course like other people said it does depend on you're height. Because I was 5'0'' and 94 lbs. But when my sister was 12, she was 4'8'' and 72 lbs. If you think you look fat at this weight, don't worry about losing weight, just gain muscle which weighs more than fat. :)

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You are definately not fat considering there are 11 year olds that weigh 130 pounds and 10 year olds who weigh 150 pounds and if you think you're fat than your pretty self-centered and self-conscious cause thats just stupid to think your fat at that weight and that age
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Yes, you are very, very, very fat!! A 12 year old girl should weigh 48 pounds!!!!
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I weigh 49 pounds. I'm 12 😕
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I'm thinking maybe this person meant kilos
Kk polly
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Or they are just pro Ana, in which case they shouldn't be advising other people.

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