How To Write Love Notes?


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It is easy, you just have to go with the flow while writing a love note. You just have to tap into your inner reserve and get that inner romantic in you to open up. Mostly when we write anything we tend to be too judgmental and self-critical about ourselves. You will have to trust yourself on this one as no one knows better than you how you feel about that special person you are writing about. However, instead of boring them to death with what you feel about them you should be more generous in flattering them and telling them the things about you that you like best. Also, you could tell them how special they are to you, a little poetry wont harm. Do not go overboard however with praises as that would give them a signal that you have no self-esteem. You could suggest your fantasies that you enjoy thinking about with them in it but it should not be too explicit. Let them know everything and they are likely to get bored with you quickly. Build up the suspense and give them an incentive to figure it out for themselves.
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