Does "Venting" mean you're letting your angry on someone else? Was my girlfriend wrong by "venting"?


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Venting is just a word people use when they want a free pass for hurting other people's feelings.

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Walt is it right. If she is complaining about others to you, that is fine and normal. It means she feels safe enough to let you see her vulnerable side. It is part of being in a meaningful relationship.  If you can't deal with that then walk away from the relationship. You are too immature and too selfish to be in one.

If she yelled at you, put you down and turned her anger on you, that is different. She is the immature one. And you have a right to be upset.

To be honest though, by your description of what happened I would say you, and probably her, need to work on your communication skills. You need to be more concise and clear. So sit down and have an honest and calm chat about how you feel and how to more effectively communicate. 

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Toni Pauze
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Totally agree Gator
Yin And Yang
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Star. This is the same guy who asked similar last year. He was also the one wanting to know how to get her (her family) off his back hounding him to get a job cuz he don't want to work or go to college. Lol!
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Here's all it went down, read it first.

My girlfriend and I have a fight because letting her anger out on me, she said she wasn't and she just "venting" about her frustration and anger, I texter back said "venting" is worse, she asks why then I say because she lets her emotions out me and other people,  also I told her if she wants to vent she has  to do it in her bedroom by herself.

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I think you are in the wrong. Be a man and let her vent. Sometimes venting is needed. Aren't you the one who should be able to be her knight in shining armour? And who are YOU to tell her WHERE she should vent? What is she choses a venting buddy to vent to!?!? You're ridiculous to say that to her! Maybe she should dump your selfish a$$ and find a REAL man!

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How I am wrong, I did nothing wrong for her to vent and let her emotions out on me or other people. That just wrong.
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So dump her then... for feeling. She deserves better. Lol!
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If she is taking her anger with other people out on you ... By yelling at you or calling you names, etc ... That is not "venting".  It is a form of emotional abuse.

If she is "venting" by complaining about other people to you, that is a normal and healthy way for her to deal with her anger.  You just need to listen to the complaints.  If you can't deal with that, you aren't ready for a relationship.

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Since you are very close to her, it is normal for her to express her feelings
in your company. Maybe she needed to talk to someone and you were the one that
came to her mind because she feels that she can trust you. As long as she is
not hurting you or verbally abusing you for something you have not done, it is
okay. Listen to her and try to comfort her.

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