Should I do my homework?


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Hey, yes you should do your homework. You will have more
practice if you do it. If you make any mistakes, your teacher will guide you
and you will not repeat the same errors for your tests. Please note that “practice
makes perfect”, so you will feel more confident for the exams.

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Of course you must. First of all for yourself, if you want to achieve something in this life.

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Every day I should do my homework before playing video games. A slightly different perspective: "Ishould be doing my homework" implies that you want the activity (doing the homework) to take place. It seems to care less about the homework "being done" and more about the fact that the student is seen to be studying.

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Totally up to you!

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Your choice? If you want your tomorrow to be trouble free and secure you better put something in it today.

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Since dis question is two years old? I sure hope you got off your ass and did it.

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